Evidence Based Medicine

Online EBM Tutorials:

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EBM Databases:

  • EB On-Call: Database of ‘Critically Appraised Topics’ (CATS) of 38 on-call medical conditions.
  • National Guideline Clearinghouse: EBM practice guidelines.
  • Cochrane: Systematic reviews of the medical literature.
  • Infopoems: Database of “Patient Orientated Evidence that Matters”
  • Dynamed: Clinically orientated summaries for 2,000 topics.
  • Trip Database: EBM Database.
  • DUETs: Database of Uncertainties baout the Effects of Treatments.
  • HSTAT: Health Services/Technology Assessment Text.
  • CMA Infobase: Clinical practice guidelines.
  • SUMSearch: selects the best resources for your question, formats your question for each resource, and makes additional searches based on results.
  • BestBETs: Best Evidence Topics.

EBM Journals

EBM Calculators:


  • CATmaker: Software tool which helps you create Critically Appraised Topics, or CATs.