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  • Hello! Been a while since I've been on here...Stillll waiting for Notts it's so bloody annoying...I don't really need it, cos yeah it's gonna be Oxford 1 and BSMS 2 :) Tbh I think the Nottingham interview was more rubbish than the oxford ones - although I did get a few weird questions! I really wanted to know whether I would've got in to all 4 so I waitedd for Nottingham...And now I've left it so long might as well wait a bit more!! Have you decided which one you're going for yet?? xx
    oooh just thought to ask, where did you choose to live when you submitted your accommodation forms? Sorry for being nosy!
    I chose Tennis Courts!
    Lol i know its hard to decide! well in my case birmingham was my only offer, so it made my choice easy! I dont envy you lol!
    hey, congrats on getting a bristol offer (very jelous btw). was just wondering if you could give me any advice, tips or even the questions asked from your interview day. i know its very cheeky to ask, but i'd really appreciate the help if you wouldn't mind? cheers
    Helloo! Sorry for the ridiculously late reply, I have been rejecting nmm recently...Still haven't heard from Nottingham but screw themm now I have an offer from Oxford :D Notts also want an A in Chem AND Biol so not even a worthy 2nd choice in comparison to BSMS's 340 UCAS points :D Their interview was a bunch of crap anyway with all that "what would you do if your friend said they were going to kill themselves"......."TELL THEM TO GET A BLOODY GRIP!!!" Eurgh...Take it you're still waiting too? Which is your first choice? x
    Woo you got a Bristol offer too! Congrats...Was sorta hoping it would be Nottingham but oh well! Think I'm in for the long wait on that one...How did your interview there go? x
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