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  • Hi I was told that I could find doctors and med students on this page. I need to interview a doctor for a BIO communication class; preferably a pediatrician, surgeon or family doctor.

    Thank you in advance!
    *in the Medical Careers subforum sorry.
    Hi there,

    Was wondering whether you could make 'Cardiology' as a subforum for the specialities please. It seems to be the only one missing.

    Thanks :)
    Why is it written that I have written 7 posts only? This has been on my profile for a long time.
    the homepage is out of date
    it says there are over 42000 would be better to write more than 52000 members
    I want to apply for MD programme in McMaster, I am Permenant resident in Canada, I have a licence as a pharmacist in Canada. I have my bachelor degree of pharmaceutical sciences from outside Canada.
    My GPA is 3.14. I know this GPA is not competitive in McMaster MD, so how can i improve my situation? Get high MCAT score over 35? do a lot of shadowing of doctors?Do a lot of volunteer in a hospital? or taking some undergraduate courses to increase my GPA? is there any kind of consideration for my pharmacy degree and my experience in pharmacy practice? any other university in Canada in which i may be competitive for MD programme?

    thank you

    First I would like to say thank you for creating a place in which fellow Medicine apllicants and students are able to talk and discuss not only applications to med school but also share views on other subjects.

    However me and some of the other members feel as though there are not enough active moderators on this forum. There are certain members whose sole purpose is to annoy and berate fellow members. There are also an increasing amount of "bots" posting spam in various sections in the forum. I implore you to recruit some more moderators from the current community and inaugurate them into the forum.

    Admin Hi, thanks for all the work you doing on this forum, i love it, am actually concerned that am getting very addicted to it.
    am writing to ask you why has the number of my posts dropped to 6! i had so much more may be over 60, and one day i noticed it dropped to only 5! am not sure why, would you know??

    Thank you
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