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  • I know, it's gone a bit dead on here unfortunately. I think TSR does have better resources now though. It's so odd to be a third year. I remember in first year thinking third year was really advanced... almost there. And now it's imminent. Feels oddly grown up.
    Well I'm not sure if there's comfort in me saying at least you made it to the interview stage but I think it's good that you at least got to practice. I assume you mean you have another interview with B'ham, not another rejection! Well done on having got to that stage. You still have two more to think about as well.
    Because it's shit ;) lol

    You obviously liked it. So any reason I gave to dislike it probably won't be compatible with your preferences.
    Because it was very, very, very far away and I preferred Leeds, Notts and Keele...
    That's to be expected.
    I'd be gutted if I got rejected by Leeds, which, at this stage is looking fairly likely.
    Yeah at B'ham, the odds are something like 90% that you'll get an offer post-interview. So you've got a great chance if you've been interviewed.
    If you got 7A* at GCSE and carried on at the same school, you should get AAA no problemo.
    Rock on! There are much better ways to cheer yourself up...

    PS: You've been befriended
    I should think your pain is worse than mine pal. It was your first choice, my last choice.

    Sorry about that though :(
    I have a huge ego too, but I had to let it go. I guess it hits too close to home. I know someone who argues that way and it's driven me into two breakdowns because I realised I could never win without playing that game too. Even then I couldn't win.
    I'm going through some personal stuff right now. I'm kinda letting it spill all over the NMM boards. Sorry for that.
    Ipsi infuriated me so much the other night. He can't argue at the same level of complexity, so he just farts on your argument and calls it stupid for smelling bad. I don't have the patience to argue with a moron like that. It's beneath me to waste my time trying to explain myself in order that he can argue on an even playing field. Why do you think so many people have left the discussion? It's like trying to teach GCSEs to a hoodie who ascribes greater value to his 12 ASBOs.
    You're arguing again. You're stuck in an argument you can't possibly win because he doesn't play fair. He'll always win because he always thinks he's won, and always thinks he's right.
    Aye. There I thought we already were actually! Can't upload the one and only picture I would use as my avatar, so I shan't be having one until it cooperates.
    I'm watching this advert about wearing a seatbelt for about the 30th time today.Consider me educated. Lungs and hearts and bones and airbags and steering wheels and car crashes and not looking at the oncoming vehicle are a bad combination. Got it. Oh, and the seatbelt thing is probably a good idea too.
    You can hog the wall if you like. No one else cares about me.
    I don't think I could hope to get inside that lunatic's head. I just thought of all the random rubbish I could and threw in the word psychodynamic. A word which I loathe and detest beyond reason.
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