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  • Congrats on passing your finals!!! If you don't mind me asking, where are you going for FY1?? Are most glasgow grads staying in hospitals in the region or heading elsewhere?? hmmm..is the system similar to the English system or are there some differences?? Just exploring the future;D..i'm abit dreamy recently.
    Thanks for your reply. It has cleared up some of my doubts about the course structure. So PBL cases per block are centered around the topic understudy right?? and everything done in that block will be to do with the topic of that block? The mere mentioning of PBL to me gives me the idea that the scenarios are open ended, meaning anything and everything may be possible to come up. Though I don't think that is so right? PBL is really a stranger to me..wonder if i will like it.
    Hi there!! I was wondering if you could tell me more about the teaching at Glasgow. I understand that Glasgow uses Problem Based Learning quite alot but I was wondering if there is any lectures at all?? So do you learn about the systems and all with PBL?? What other teaching methods are there other than PBL, lectures and the labs?? How are you assessed on the knowledge you learnt and is it on a yearly basis or semester???
    Thanks in advance!!
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