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  • Just had my HYMs and Keele interview not heard back either mate, got my liverpool and east anglia interview in february though so we'll see :) good luck man
    First choice is liverpool as i wish to stay at home, what did u get in ur ukcat and what are your predicted grades? Just down to preparation for interviews now really and awaiting there reply followed by janaury exams
    Hey dude, well done with your UKCAT scores and you have brilliant predicted grades, including your A in the fourth AS :)
    I'm applying to Southampton, Sheffield, Peninsula and Hull-York aswel :)
    What's your first choice?
    I've applied to keele, east anglia, liverpool and hull york btw as well where have u applied
    Hey hows it going my identical GCSE buddy? :p come any closer to deciding where to apply? My college's Medicie deadline is tomorrow so I've got the next 24 hours to decided lol. Did you get your predicted grades then? And have you done your UKCAT?
    Hey no worries man :) Oh ok that's cool, I wanna apply to Leeds aswel but I think it's quite tough to get into. I've finished my A levels and got AAB (B in maths) but I don't know whether AAB is good enough compared to comeone whose predicted AAA lol.
    Newcastle require AAA so thats out of the question, hmm I was looking at Keele too. Still got a while to decide tho. Keep in touch tho, we're pretty much in the same boat with grades (Y) You done ur UKCAT?
    Hey, I just read one of your posts and saw that you have exactly the same GCSE grades as me. What are your predicted A2 levels, and where will you be applying next year?
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