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Dec 1, 2004
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Feb 28, 2011
    1. sara09
      heyy..i wrote back to u..but it says i cant send u anymore msg unless
      u delete some of your messages (bcoz they r full) hopfuly u delete
      them soon.. : ) x
    2. sara09
      no w8 i c the album in ur page hehe x
    3. Ernie-The_Doc
      Eponine and Ernie were in so much joy
      Cos she had just given birth to a boy
      He looked like a cauliflower
      She named him Oliver
      Now, they just needed to get him a toy

      Yeah, that last line sucked. Are exams looming for you then as well? Dreading mine :(

      And you're so right, I have an outstanding gene pool ;) Oliver should consider himself lucky :P

    4. Ernie-The_Doc
      Ernie was really glad
      Cos he had just done the best thing since sliced-bread
      He gave Eponine another kiss
      Then again he needed a piss
      He just hoped he wasn't gonna be a dad

      It's offical - my rhyming skills have started to deteriorate (:O)
    5. Ernie-The_Doc
      Eponine was such a pretty Miss
      That Ernie just couldn't wait for his kiss
      He waited and waited
      Began to become a little agitaed
      And he missed the kiss, just cause he needed a piss

      Thanks :) I was quite surprised that I got offers. I'm gutted about Leeds too, guess we'll just meet in the wards ;)
    6. Ernie-The_Doc
      The most prettiest doc in the world
      That's who Mr. Handsome wants (as long as it's a girl)
      One day he saw Eponine
      He said: "She's mine"
      But she just replied: "No, you turd"

      Not as great as your rhyme, but better than nothing. Sorry for the delayed reply :)
    7. sg_14
      Hi epinone_hugo, thanks for the advice. Please could I ask about how much experience the staff assume/expect you to have when you start the course? I came from a private school and didn't do ANY practical experiments etc. (I dont know why) so I barely know what the equipment is or how to use it :(:( I know clinical sciences involves practicals but i am incredably scared about how far behind i will be compared to others and about whether i will ever have the chance to be taught these skills in bradford. any advice you could give me or thoughts will be greatly appreciated as i'm losing sleep about how under-prepared i am! many thanks sg_14 xx
    8. sg_14
      Hi Epinone_hugo,
      Had my interview 2 weeks ago and was offered a place the next day!! I'm definately going to bradford now so thanks for the help. I was wondering if you have any tips on which place is nice for accomadation? I'm looking at self-catering but I know there are different buildings so I'm really just asking about your personal opinion....like if you liked any places in particular. I havent been able to look around and I wont really be going to look so any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, sg_14 x
    9. Ernie-The_Doc
      There was a once a girl with a real gift
      And I must say, she was quite fit
      She could have a really good time
      Coming up with amazing rhymes
      As opposed to mine, which are really shit

      It's beyond me how you came up with that last one....it was really good! :D Was Stan the evil elf though?
    10. Ernie-The_Doc
      LMAO - that's hilarious!

      There was a girl in Leeds
      Who always did good deeds
      So she waited happily for Santa
      But then all she got a was a can of Fanta
      Even he couldn't comply with all of Hugo's needs
    11. Ernie-The_Doc
      There once was a girl called Eponine
      Who thought she'd have a lolly of lime
      But then she got really sick
      She wished she hadn't had that lick
      But what cheered her up was a mime
    12. sg_14
      hi eponine_hugo (I assume that's not your real name lol! )
      i was hoping you could help me.
      I have an interview for clinical sciences on wednesday and hope to go into leeds med year 2. I was hoping you could tell me all about the interview, ie. how long does it last, how many interviewers are there, what kind of questions, etc. Also, could i just ask you about bradford itself? In the past, i havent had the financial aids to travel as far away as bradford is to me so i was wondering if you could tell me about what you think about bradford as a place to live? how's the student accomadation and entertainment? do you get a chance to make many friends? and do any sports?
      thanks ever so much in advance if you answer. oh also (sorry, lol i almost forgot) could you tell me how you're taught in bradford? i mean like, is it lectures, dissections etc.
      many thanks.
    13. Ernie-The_Doc
      What took you to reply in 1 hour took over 24 hours for me....you speedy demon :P

      Once upon a time
      There was wonderful rhyme
      About a little speedy demon
      Who didn't have any semen
      And she was called Eponine

      ....OK, that could have been better :)
    14. Ernie-The_Doc
      LMFAO! That's hilarious :D But I'm only slow cos your super-fast. Give it 10 secs and you'll have replied to this :P
    15. Eponine_hugo
      Sorry Bean of Jelly
    16. BeanOfJelly
    17. Eponine_hugo
      Ur weblog? yeah I was curious at the earlier ranting about people at ur college!
    18. Gizmo says -
      Gizmo says -

      i saw you lookin in me box!
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