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  • Hi Giella!

    Seeing as you left a nice note on my board i figured i would say hi here as well :).

    Just to be sure my last e-mail to you got through right ?

    I think im gonna go out and party soon either today or tomorrow, so if im not online this is why, talk to you later.
    I liked Geography and didn't mind History. Well, that's if they're classed as humanities; what's the difference between arts and humanities?

    Actually. Now you mention it. I do restart things if I lose a life too early, or lose to many lives at once. If things aren't going according to plan, I tend to restart. But this is where the metaphor remains a metaphor...
    English? Nah. Way too dull for my liking. I detested English (got a B in language and an A in literature GCSE) and was very happy when it was all over. I'm a scientist. Science is interesting and dynamic.
    I think so. I'm quite different in the "real world" in comparison to what I'm like on here.
    Well given that I've spoken properly to you about three times, and we've never actually met, I'm probably not going to know you all that well.
    I'm not posting on that thread again. Have you read that loony's last post? He infers that I'm racist, dogmatic, have problems with my mother, and am unlikely to score any interviews. Creep! I'm pretty tolerant/get on with most people but I haven't talked to someone I've disliked so strongly in a long while
    I know I know.. but its so hard to resist stamping all over his pathetic comebacks... I'm too much of an ego-freak to let him/(her??) get the last word
    you really need an avatar
    (Plus: I've made so many posts to your wall now, that its only right and proper we're officially friends)
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