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  • Hi, Could you please delete your post on on Page 18 of the 100's ukcat practice questions thread (sept 11 2009) #344 , since the e-mail address mentioned keeps receiving phishing emails. Thanks!
    Hey Kinkerz! I randomnly check NMM about twice a year (only wish it was a bit busier) and always think of you. Isn't it weird we're almost both in our third year now? Always see you on TSR too.
    I am so pleased that you are now going to Keele, I am sure you will get somewhere to live!!
    If you click on the bar itself there's a link to the website. After you've made it you include it as an image in the sig =)
    It is, isn't it!! :D
    I must've watched it over like 5 times or more...its so pretty and mesmerazing *dilated pupils*

    Hahaha. Okay, yes I wholeheartedly accept that name now.
    Haha. :p
    Well generally speaking, I don't think there is anyone who can shit bricks...
    I can see something!! Its the bear, look to the right!! And dont go too far back. (Although, it wasnt even a fake trick...I liked how it worked :p mwhahah-hah-hah)

    Hahahah, thats my favourite picture with the ones you can get subtitled. Hahahaha.
    Right first of all, you get a nice present to remember our last conversation. So it IS something that you look at from a distance (if you rememeber what I did with the squiggles)
    Haha never! :D

    I'll get you back for this. :)
    I would like to inform you that every time I go to my homepage, as your 'present' is so large I need to go down to see all the side bits of the screen. Thank you. :)
    Alright man, just wanted to see how you though your exams went, I've been following your blog. Hopefully AAB then I take it? Got any plans if it doesn't happen?
    S made me smile to say the least.

    Then wonder if there was a hidden message in it...then I moved back in case it was one of those illusions that you can only see a certain length away from the laptop screen. Then I thought...maybe he has already figured all this out, and knew I would do all this...and has actually just sent me a lot of scribbles. Quite the mastermind aren't you... so now successfully after 5 minutes, I have no idea what it is...have wasted 5 minutes of my time, and keep seeing coloured dots wherever I look.

    Revenge will be sweet my friend, very sweet :p
    Hey, well *takes deep breath*

    It was in no way as bad as I was expecting...but it wasnt a brilliant paper either. There was a whole question on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - which I didnt learn as the paper was going to be mostly (75-80% on this semester) so I knew if I didnt learn semester one at all I would still be okay...but a lot of people were also saying that a lot of it was from semester one...

    But it was a nice paper, questions werent too bad really. I actually have no idea how well/badly I've done. It can easily go either way..but wasn't at all as bad as I would have expected...also the majority of stuff I had learnt into the morning (congenital defects, heart embryology, dermatomes) came up a lot. So that was the 'selective learning' kicking in :)

    And...unfortunately NO mention of G proteins *cries* even though I had spent a good hour or so learning those, hopefully they'll come up tomorrow.

    Also the thing I said was my main worry for not getting good grades, well I've decided I'll probably do that at Leicester anyway as I want to do something in Cardio and that isn't offered in the other place..and if I do that, theres not really any competition at all. But hopefully I wont have done too terribly. :)
    So I conclude with saying it was a bit of a strange paper.
    How has your revision gone? Any progress avec psychology?
    Okay I had some mock OSCE things today...and totally failed at the clin skills one like hip examination...long story, may have started with getting the scariest clin dem in the medical school so knew i was pretty much going to fail and she passively called me an idiot just because i said 'no malar facies indicate no mitral stenosis' instead of 'malar facies is a sign of mitral stenosis and malar facies is not present'... :( but i guess in the end, i would rather have someone criticise me abruptly so that should scare me into working hard (which has worked :D ) but i will spare calling you abusive names. (For now ;) ) the station with a patient, I was told in the actual sessions Im too empathic and I spend too long doing that and should concentrate on just getting the info more...and today the patient said im not empathic enough and a little 'daunting and robotic'...and too metholodical in asking questions.


    Hope your revision is faring well :)
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