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    intern in australia

    I don't know much about the medical side of Australia, but I've just spent four and a half months there so I know about living! I was in Sydney for 2 months, and it's pretty easy to get a flat there. I was living in a hostel the whole time, but there's plenty of people looking for someone to...
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    New students!!!!!

    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone is actually proper excited about going to HYMS, I still can't believe it really. I know loads will be waiting for exam results (or still sitting them?!?) but I'm afraid I took a gap year so don't have to worry about that now....but anyway, what campus is...
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    Official Interviews Thread

    Hey I was interviewed last year in MARCH!!! So all these February interviews are fine! From what I remember they set the interviews in about three blocks, and when your interview is has no bearing on whether you get in or not. See some of you guys in york next year! (I took a gap year so I'm...
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    CHM5 & Synoptics CHM6

    I always seem to end up with two choices, then pick the wrong one! Oh well. No more chemistry good.
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    Should I take a gap year?

    Hi there I think it depends on where you apply, but I'm taking a gap year and going to work in a hospital in Ghana for 3 months, and I've been offered a place at Hull/York medical school. It also depends on what you plan on doing in that gap year from what I can gather, if you're doing...
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    What do i do if i miss the grades?

    Haha, the wildebeest (what a boss spelling?! If I've remembered right. Probably not) stuff was complete and utter twaddle for want of another word I can use on this. I'm more worried about the synoptic and optional module as our teacher was awful! I though module 4 was ok as well, it could have...
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    What do i do if i miss the grades?

    Solid means dead dead hard!! I did AQA and thought it was ok today, but I seem to have done a different paper to tig220!? Did you do spec A?
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    What do i do if i miss the grades?

    Anyone have any idea how it would work with gappers?? I mean, they kinda have loads of spare places really, and I can't imagine them making you wait till next year, coz it's be basically too late! Or they may just say no. Could work either way I guess. Aye I do AQA, and it was ok actually but I...
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    What do i do if i miss the grades?

    Hah, I just failed chemistry as well. We should form a club. It'd be great. They say somewhere that if you don't get the grades they will still consider you so you have to just give them a ring.
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    Serious question:

    You can kill them by overwatering, but I doubt there'd be a danger of that!
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    Serious question:

    I can see these fish are going to require a lot of careful planning, but I think I'll be up to the challenge! That thread was rather useful thankyou, it all sounds so exciting! I'll be sat off in my gapyear thinking right....everyones in uni having egg fights and joining random societies! Oh...
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    Serious question:

    My walls at home are like covered in junk I've collected, I can't take one thing off without taking like a million more! I can't work out the York accomodation (gotta admit I'm not trying very hard), the site just confuses me. I know the HYMS term starts before normal ones but that's it. Do we...
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    New Questions

    Is it is it, as in Sirius Black?? Hah I hope I'm right, or I look WAYY too geeky and sad for my own good :(
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    Serious question:

    I managed to very nearly kill a Yukka once, which like thrives if you don't water it. I quite honestly don't know how I managed it. Haha, I can't stand exams (duh). I think I give in really. Here's another question, what kind of things can you usually stick on/in walls?? Coz I want to put wall...
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    Serious question:

    Well it seems that between fish and plants the possibilities for fun are endless! Thankyou!