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    1. fozzy_68
      Thanks for that Alex, I will try to contact them and see what advice they can give!
    2. fozzy_68
      Hey Alex,

      I'm hoping to start medicine in Sept. 2010. Can you tell me a little more about the funding you were talking about in your forum?

      Kind regards,
    3. Kashmala Khan
      Kashmala Khan
      My name is Kashmala Khan.I am from Pakistan. I want to get admission in any university of UK for medical course but my grades in college are very poor.
      I want to know that is there any way to get into medicine course through foundation or any other way ans what will be the procedure for that.
      If there is any possibility then please tell me.
      I am waiting for your reply.
      Thank You.
    4. 9Dan22
      Thanks for replying Alex, I applied for Glasgow stew college to study access to Medicine, I've been told the interviews will be held after Ester break
      Would you like be in contact via msn? are you on facebook or something !
      Thanks D
    5. 9Dan22
      I've been away from the education for a 3 years, and this year I'm doing int 2 bio, chem, phy, math & higher English
      also trying to get work experiance I studied evening time classes such as health and safty 1st aid course.. now I'm a bit scared that they might reject me cos English isn't my 1st language and think I can do highers instead of access to medicine. I predicted some questions could be asked during an interview but still not quite sure :-/ any help or advice ? Dan
    6. leemkule
      Hey there,

      Had been doing a bit of lurking on this board and noticed you were on the Perth PTM last year.

      I'm a student on the course this year and it's turning out to be incredibly enjoyable so far, albeit tense. :)

      We've just had our first set of exams, DNA, Cell Biology and Maths, I think the so far 6 out of the 10 PTM members have passed all their exams, how does that compare to last year?

      As the year progresses the possibility that I may actually become successful and gain a place in St Andrews is an amazing feeling. How are you enjoying St Andrews so far? What is the workload like?

      Sorry for the random babbling from a complete stranger.
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    Mature medical student, who gained entry to St Andrews at the fourth attempt:)

    Volleyball, Chess, Golf and of course MEDICINE:)


    UKCat = "who cares I'm in :D"

    HNC pathway to medicine - Perth College 2007/08

    BSc Hons Science - St Andrews 2008 - 2011 :D

    Aberdeen Medical School - 3rd year - 2011/12