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  • Hey dude, I just noticed that you have similar GCSEs to me (I got AAAAAAABBC) and was ondering if you could tell me where you applied and where you got offers/interviews from? Also what were your predicted grades when you applied? Thanks for your time and help :) Tuhin.
    Hi...so you're an international, in bristol and you are...XX or XY? Geeky polite way of saying your username doesn't describe your gender =) You dont really have to answer...I'm just naturally very curious and such
    ya, but poor boy doesnt realise he's been quoted lyk quite a few times. bless him. he makes poeple lyk me feel lyk a grain of sand, with that pile of stuff he's done
    I hope so.
    But I cant believe he seriously wrote that thread genuinely wondering if he had good enough entry stats.
    Noticed he has edited his original post tho.
    I'm sure he'll be ok
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