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    Bsc in Medical Sciences

    Does anyone have any information with regards to how this is awarded or the criteria for it? I'd heard that it is possible to have this awarded if one hasn't completed the medical degree as is the case with me. I've done three years of medicine at Cardiff and was set to resit the 3rd year...
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    Get paid for summarising medical notes at GP Surgeries

    :) tell me about it;seeing diagnoses, treatments, histories consistently repeated. It's been a real learning experience seeing the patterns and having what I've learned reinforced by the real examples I read in the notes. Don't blame you for not wanting to do it though ;) But if you know anyone...
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    Get paid for summarising medical notes at GP Surgeries

    Hi, I hope this doesn't go against the rules of the forum, but thought I'd let medical students interested know about a possible opportunity to earn some money in spare moments during the course. My name's David Sali and I was a medical student at Cardiff but due to the medical school wanting...
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    transferring between medical school

    hey everyone, my first visit to this site and it's an awesome resource. just thought i'd post my query here about transfer.basically, i've done 3 years as a medic at the medical school here at cardiff (uwcm), and due to some major financial wranglings with med school here, i'm considering...