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    1. tuhinb
      Heyy thanks for replying, and thank you for the extremely helpful and informative message.
      I think that also changes my view of PBL, as I had never seen a general timetable of a pbl course before.
      Most people seem to think that with pbl you receive no help in the form of lectures, seminars and feedback but I can see that you do now.
      The only thing is if one or two members of the group don't do their job properly, or if some people obtain some inaccurate information, are there people present to correct you or to help? But other than that I think it would be better due to the fact that it is mroe interactive so you can present any questions to the group.
      The city seems nice, not too loud but not too boring either.
      I applied last year basically after my AS levels but my predicted grades were too low to get in (ABB). My teacher said just apply for the experience. I'm reapplying this year, any advice with my GCSE grades of AAAAAAABBC? B in english lang tho :(
      Thanks! =)
    2. tuhinb
      Heyy, I saw your one of your posts and wanted to ask you about Peninsula. What's the area and university like. And is PBL really as bad as people think? Is it an effective way to learn, and how many lectures do you have? Thanks :)
    3. Dr Noodle
      Dr Noodle
      A boogaloo! Hope you're enjoying your hols :) xx
    4. Emily'91
      You may have shown me round today at pms! If you were the med student in the green coat and black and white scarf?
    5. samanthachan3
      Hey, just wondering what GCSE's, AS/A2 grades you applied with to PMS? xx
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