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  • Hi Nick!
    Thank you so much for the postcard - sounds like you had a wonderful time on elective. Where are you now?
    I'm at the Whit, doing Gen Med MiC then Surgery. Was at UCLH for the first 6 months of year 3. I'm loving clinics, but terrified of the exams in July - SBAs and OSCEs are HARD ha ha.

    Hope you are well and happy - not long to go for you now. It's racing by, this Med School lark, isn't it??!!
    Lots of love, Gabby
    hey could i ask you something on the blood test for ucl? i've done the blood test but the only lab report i got was the screen captures printed off my GP's computer, not a proper lab report. Do you reckon it's acceptable? if not, how to obtain the proper lab report as my GP did not have it.
    your page was looking bare, so i thought id leave a comment.
    I no, you dont need to say it, Im just too kind arent I?
    what!!! that was such a good thread!
    hm, if only i could get on msn at school, it would indeed be easier! x
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