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    Relocation concerns

    Lets just get into medical school first, then we can think about what might happen once you get through the degree ;)
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    Feeling Very Sorry for myself....How to move forward

    I started university at 23 and left with a philosophy degree at 27 and I get a lot of that 'what are you going to do?' and 'how old will you be when you get a job?'. I'm now 28 and will be going down the route of getting a law degree and become a solicitor/advocate and the questions have, by and...
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    UKCAT for 2015 Entry

    You're probably not as bad as you think, plus the actual test isn't as hard as some of the practice questions you can get (although the situational judgement section is far too subjective).
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    UKCAT for 2015 Entry

    A month or so should be enough time for revision and practice and no, August isn't too late for 2015 entry- I think you can take it up until September even.
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    Fantastic opportunity for mature students on a 6 year dentistry at Liverpool!!!!

    Only issue with this is that if you have a degree it will require you to self-fund 6 years of tuition fees, otherwise I applaud it.
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    Honest chances

    My only thought is that, as a graduate, they may well expect/want you to have worked in health care.
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    UKCAT for 2015 Entry

    I'll be taking it, although probably not quite as early as that- perhaps in August. It'll be my second one; the last I took was back in 2012 and I had a bad 'experience' and ended up with a mediocre average of 640 or something like that. I'll be going to work tomorrow with the UKCAT and some...
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    Having second thoughts

    A degree in medicine does not a doctor necessarily make, i.e., you don't have to become a medical doctor; you can choose another career path and still make use of your degree in medicine.
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    Official 2014 entry UKCAT discussion!!!

    Finn: Your average is roughly as mine was last year and it is perhaps borderline. What are you planning on putting for the other two choices?
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    Is it possible to sit the UKCAT more than once in one summer?

    Actually that's not the case- your UKCAT score is linked to your email address, rather than just your name. Either way, I wouldn't count on it being possible to sit two tests. OP: Do a lot of practice and just try to do your best in the one chance you get.
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    Is it possible to sit the UKCAT more than once in one summer?

    The score that is sent to UCAS is the one which you used to register with them. However, I'm not sure if you can register to resit the UKCAT with Pearson VUE after sitting the test...
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    Official 2014 entry UKCAT discussion!!!

    jcak, that is a really tasty UKCAT average! How much revision did you put in for it? I have mine at the end of the month and I'm yet to start revising...
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    Go for post-doc, or accepting the foreign medical school offer?

    Sounds like you ought to re-apply for entry in UK medical schools, and aim to get a post-doc position while doing a bit of volunteering on the side. I think that going abroad, especially if you have no interest in being part of another culture, is a last ditch option. I'm currently in the...
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    The Demise of the Mature Med Student

    Schools in Scotland have started applying stricter rules on which grads can apply to medicine (St. Andrews and Dundee), but the tuition fees and funding is the same. So I would say that it's a little less likely that a grad applicant (let alone a mature one) will get into medicine in Scotland...
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    A104 premed: what's it?

    Well, you could always ask Sheffield, but the pre-med course is just the normal five year MBChB but with a foundation year before hand. Thus, it is a 6 year MBChB.