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    Giella's Gauntlet [and gobbets of occasional wisdom]

    I'm going to try the blog for a while. My life just took on enough of the key components of a bad TV movie that it might actually make an interesting read. Stay tuned.
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    Anyone retaking English GCSEs read this

    I've noticed several people are planning to retake either their Maths or English GCSE over the next year. Given that I'm a. a complete geek and b. a tutor interested in such things, I went about looking for the best syllabus option for mature students. If possible, aim to do AQA GCSE English B...
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    COWA accommodation 2009

    Now I've finally got some free time, I'm going to go down to King's Lynn in the next few weeks to look for accommodation for September. Would anyone be interested in meeting in King's Lynn for accommodation searches, or just a general meet?
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    Rereading my personal statement...argh.

    I'm just rereading my personal statement. Even aside from all the punctuation errors that UCAS have somehow inserted into it, I dislike a lot of it. I've become so distant from it since October that the thought of alluding to it in an interview leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That's not me, I...
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    Grading and feedback

    Having done an essay based degree, I'm curious as to how assignments, exams etc. done by medical students are marked. 2.1 being 60-69 out of 100, with 80 being publishable standard is all I know, with the occasional 1st and one very unforgettable 3rd in my 2nd year. 60 out of 100 obviously...
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    For anyone who doesn't get interviews or doesn't have them yet

    It is not the end of the world. I'm saying that because I've not got any interviews yet, but I have a whole 11 months to make the most of myself and really improve my application next time around. Even though I'm 22 and people say I should get a move on, I'm seeing this year as being full of...
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    Studying for the BMAT

    Given that I've a taken to the idea of applying to Cambridge next year, does anyone have any advice on studying for the BMAT, specifically the science section? I haven't looked at sciences or maths since 2002 when I took my GCSEs. I need to study in the mean time and also begin to look at...
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    UKCAT - Should it stay or should it go?

    Now it's all taken, done and dusted, hopefully a mere memory now, I thought I'd poll to see what people think of the UKCAT in general. Should it stay or should it go? I found it a useful indicator of my ability to guess! Given an extra fifteen minutes, I believe it could have been an excellent...
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    677.5 I feel happy.

    I feel kind of ok. Not to boast, just to express my feelings of calm and satisfaction that I am officially good at guessing and everything might be ok now.
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    All posts about GCSEs and A levels

    This is a forum aimed at those doing Access to Medicine courses/looking to do Access to Medicine courses, or trying to get into Medicine as a career change. There is a dedicated forum for A levels, where you may find more help and more like-minded posters.
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    COWA Access to Medicine 2009

    Anyone deferring entry for 2009? I just got in and I'm half regretting my decision already. To defer entry I mean. The course sounds great and I met some great people yesterday too. Hoping there's just as many others out there for next year.
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    COWA - How intensive? Time for part-time job?

    I have an interview next week for COWA access to medicine and I'm wondering how the heck I might support myself. I'm applying for deferred entry, so I have this year to try and save to support myself. However, I also want to spend some time at COWA [providing I get in] getting health care...