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    Hi what are you all doing for an elective? I was thinking of going abroad and taking my kids and hubby with me but it will be too expensive.
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    stuff for sale

    Hi, i've sold most stuff now but still have the following: Griffiths Guide to Gamsat and Griffiths medical school interview guide - pm me about this. Des O'Neill's Gamsatprep General Biology - 59 pages Des O'Neill's Gamsatprep Biochemistry - 40 pages Des O'Neill's Gamsatprep Human...
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    Gamsat Stuff For Sale

    I have absolutely loads of preparation material for GAMSAT and it all cost me a small fortune..... but I passed thanks to all this material so now you can too!!!!! 5 GAMSAT practice test papers by Ozimed (papers 1-5) I believe they cost £50 new, i'll sell for £30. The three ACER practice...
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    clinical years

    ok, i'm now comfortably settled into my second year and enjoying this year a lot more than the first year. My childcare is stable, we are settled in our new home and my kids are settled in their nursery/school. But now people are scaring me about the clinical years ahead. What will the...
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    Any parents starting

    Hi I'm a 2nd year at Barts and am a mum of 2 kids. Are there any parents starting this year? Or any already at Barts that i haven't met?
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    Hi are there any mums or dads starting at Barts/QMUL this Sept, or any there i haven't met yet? Kim
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    Hi has anyone got the 1st years timetable for this september (5 year course)? I need to sign contracts with my childminder ASAP. I was given last years one but need to know 2007-2008.
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    matures starting in Sept?

    Hi, i'm 30 with 2 little kiddies and i'm starting in Sept. Anyone else mature, and anyone with kids starting this year?
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    I got an offer!

    I got an offer from Barts - 5 yr. I'm so happy. Now i can join you parents at med school. For those of you who don't know me, i'm 30 and have a 4 year old and 2 year old. :D :D :o :o Kim X
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    interviewed and not heard

    I was interviewed on jan 22nd and still waiting to hear. What does this mean? and does anyone know when they will let us know by?:confused:
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    which hospitals?

    Hi all Which hospitals, (other than St Georges:rolleyes: ) does the sgul use? Thinking about future travel from my home in St Albans (mature student with kids!).
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    I have been rejected for being a mum!

    Hi all, I need your support. I had an interview for a med school and was grilled about my childcare situation. The majority of the interview focused on my kids and how young they are and what i was planning on doing with them and whether I could handle studying again now i'm 30 and have kids...
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    HRT 'could prevent heart disease'

    HRT 'could prevent heart disease' Scientists set out to disprove the theory that hormone therapy raises cancer and heart disease risk.
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    Babies infected in neonatal unit

    Babies infected in neonatal unit Six babies on a neonatal unit in Norfolk develop a bacterial infection usually seen in the community.
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    current med students

    could any current med students give me an idea of timetables for 1st,2nd 3rd, 4th and 5th years. Just trying to plan possible childcare situation.:)
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    what are the hours like?

    For those of you already at med school, what are the hours like? I have two babies and am trying to explain to my husband what sort of hours I would be at Uni, but really I don't have a clue. I'm applying to GEP Barts, St Georges and 5 yr Barts and UCL. Obviously it varies from yr to yr and...
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    Who takes the kids to school??

    Hi all I'm trying to figure out whats going to happen WHEN i get into med school next year (very determined!). I will have to travel approx 1 1/2 hrs each way to get to med school and my kids will be at a school near my home. If i have to be in lectures at 9am, who takes the kids to school...
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    those who did well in BMAT

    could those of you who were successful in last years BMAT tell me whether it is worth buying any of the criticl thinking books listed at the back of the BMAT guide. Is the guide enough on its own or should i be dong other prep?
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    bmat further reading??

    Does anyone recommend any of the critical thinking and critical reasoning books listed at the back of the BMAT guide. Is it a good idea to buy one or a waste of time?
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    to all you lucky guys and gals going to SGUL this year

    SO JEALOUS!! Do any of you who successfully passed the GAMSAT recommend Des o neill or gamsat guru? Don't want to pay a fortune to attend a course but wouldn't mind buying some course guides. Thanks:)