2010 Applicants/Interviews

I know that would solve things wouldn't it... I didn't want to appear inpatient but at this stage I need to find out. I'll call Monday..apologies for my little rant :)


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I also called them and found out I was unsuccessful! :(

Oh well...3 more:

BSMS-> Interview
HYMS-> Interview
UEA-> Nothin!
Dundee-> Rejected without interview

UKCAT: 627.5


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Hey Medicine woman, just wondering what you averaged in your UKCAT? Cos they said they wouldn't be interviewing for medicine.
Hi, my UKCAT was low - average 607. Did you get an interview? Did Dundee give a cut off? Thanks in advance for letting me know as it's a long wait to hear the word rejection :)


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Yeah i got a Dundee interview and a keele interview. I was just worried about queens cos students are saying they were gonna interview but the admissions said they wouldn't. I don't know of anyone whos heard anything from queens yet and i was just wondering why you'd got an interview. I hope it goes well for you!


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Queens only interview graduates and as far as i am aware they only interview school leavers if they have a seriously low UKCAT score. Queens dont seem to have responded to anyone yet with the exception of those who are being interviewed


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I'm really sorry medicine woman, i'm sure you wuld have done great in an interview from the quality of your posts on NMM. Good luck with your other choices.
Thanks, yeah knowing me I'll wake up tomorrow and e-mail for feedback for next year (which is good I suppose) but for the rest of today I'm sulking :) Good luck with your interview in Dundee and I suppose I should be happy I have my interview in Queens- it could be worse I know. Dundee does look like such a great school and fingers crossed we'll all get there one way or another :)


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Anyone have their interview on the 14th January for Dundee? Just received mines 2 days ago so don't worry guys, there's still hope :)


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Waiting in limbo! I'd wish they would hurry up and reject me rather than give me this tiny sliver of hope :( Anybody else still waiting? xx