2010 Applicants/Interviews

I e-mailed Dundee med admissions to ask for feedback but haven't heard anything back yet. I would imagine it's been a very busy time for them though so I'll wait until the end of Jan to call them if I hear nothing back. You could try the same just e-mailing. It's great that they offer the feedback though :)


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Got a rejection on the 21st, but when I went on track I had an offer from Durham for biomedical sciences, so it wasn't all bad!
Who do we email for feedback?


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iv taken a year out and now im waiting to hear from aberdeen. if we havnt heard by now is it more than likely its a rejection?

highers - AAAAA
adv H - BC

Glasgow - rejection without interview
Edinburgh - rejection
Aberdeen - acknowledgement
Dundee - interview 8th Jan
Does anyone know what the appropriate attire would be for an interview? I don't want to dress like a slob but I don't wanna risk overdoing it.. Plus I have to fly over so I don't want several hours of sitting about on a plane and train in discomfort..


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Ah! How much snow is there? I'll be there next Wednesday and I'm a bit worried about buses not running as I'm not staying too close to Ninewells. Trains will be fine in the snow though, right?