Access to Medicine works!



I attended the Manchester Access to Medicine course. I had nothing at all going for me when I started, just the desire to become a doctor any way possible.

It is a long road... From 2006 (A2M application) to 2014 (qualifying).

I want to reiterate that not only does A2M work, it does not hold you back. I'm now an A&E registrar and an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the very same medical school I attended. Going full circle, now teaching to the auditorium from the other side of the desk. I am now in my second year of another degree, a Masters in Medical Education. I look after (deputy lead) nearly 10% of the medical degree curriculum, covering A&E and ITU and Acute Medicine..... all the cool stuff.

When I first started this journey, aged 26, I had no money, I was actually homeless and felt very desperate. Oh yes, and check out my earlier posts, I couldn't spell or write to save my life! This is all very achievable for those that want it and work for it hard enough. There were elements of good fortune and I will always be grateful to those people that decided to give me a chance. It's funny how 'lucky' you get, the harder you work.

I remember how it felt, to be in A2M wondering where I would be in 10 years time. Will this actually work? I remember where I was sitting in the classroom whilst I worried about the answer.

Well its 13 years time....

I'm an A&E registrar.
I'm an honorary clinical lecturer.
I'm now on to my second degree in Medical Education.
I now teach at my Medical School.
I am in an amazing relationship with my nurse girlfriend, a ward sister.
I live by the sea in a glass fronted apartment.
I finally drive an Audi!
I finally ride a Harley Davidson!

I am not bragging, but I am immensely proud. I converted ten years worth of hours and hours spent at the Manchester and Cardiff Library reading books and papers into a life, into financial security, into clinical reasoning skills and ability. This is the point is SO powerful. Education evolves from something you have learned, to something you now know, to something you are now an expert in, to something people will pay for you to do! It is an incredible process and journey.

To think I spent a decade reading textbooks and practicing clinical skills as explained in those text books and the end result ..... give me a pen and a stethescope and I have a job for life! That is rare in modern society.

I hope you all find your path, I hope that for those that want Medicine you find it.

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Good to hear life is good for you Mamba.

And I agree A2M works, and you path to and through med school becomes irrelevant when your a doctor.

I know plenty of top notch docs who came via A2M. In fact I would go to say the A2M can make you a better, more well rounded doc!