Any international non-English speaking applicants for Dundee? Question about Toefl


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Ok, so I just got my results from the iBT Toefl and I got this:

Reading 27/ Listening 27/ Speaking 24/ Writing 28 => Total 106

...which is good for Oxford, St Andrews and hopefully for QUB too ( can't they email me the answer to a simple question about an English language requirements that I sent them like ages ago? :rolleyes: )
Anyway there's a problem with Dundee, they want at least 110 overall(which they equivalate to a IELTS 7.0 :eek: ). Do I have to sit this test again before the 15th of October deadline until I get 110?
I also heard somewhere but I don't if it's true for every uni in particular that the application is assessed without taking into consideration the proficiency in English of the student and based on that the uni can make a conditional offer in which the candidate would be required to obtain a certain score for the English language test.
Any thoughts on that?