Applying for Medicine as a Biomedical Sciences graduate


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I'm about to start third year of Biomedical Sciences and I'm trying to figure out whether to continue with this career or apply for medicine.
I was wondering if anyone who has studied Medicine after graduating from Biomed could help me with a few things.

Tuition Fees Loan: I've read on several websites about the NHS bursaries and the Student Finance Loans, I would like to know if anyone has applied for those and how difficult it is to get them.

University Options Reccomendations: I was wondering if you would recommend applying for some specific universities according to the number of places they offer, admission requirements etc.

5 or 4 years course: I've read that most of you recommend applying for both 4 and 5 years course. Is the GEM admission really that competitive?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Im not completely up to date, but as a second degree you don't get funding.

It's its a standard 5-year course, I don't think you can get a fee lone anymore. So that's £45k you need to find... You can get a maintainance loan.

For the 4-year, you will need to fund your fees through the first year. You can also get a Maintenance loan for living costs. For years 2-4 the NHS pays the first 3k of the fees and you get a fee loan for the rest. You can get an NHS bursary for living costs (about 6k) and a maintenance loan of about 3k.

Before the new funding came in, there were about 5 applications for every 5-year place, and an average of 30 for every 4-year place. With the new funding system, I imagine that it's got more competitive for the 4 year slots. Especially since there are less 4-year places now.

If anyone else wants to chip in / correct me, please do. I'm too long out of the application process to but 100% current on the details.