British Accent Audiobook- Premedical or medical class material


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I'm American, and I'm applying to only American medical schools.

However, I listen to many audiobooks and enjoy hearing British accents, other European accents, and also Australian.

I'm studying premedical class material (biology, biochemistry, etc.) and also MCAT (the American medical school entrance exam) material like basic sociology and psychology

1. Are there audiobooks you would recommend with a European accent that cover any of this material? Maybe even youtube channels? I did find one "Science and Maths by Primrose Kitten" which covers some biology and chemistry

2. What would you recommend searching? For British accents, searching "A-level" or "AQA" seems to be working well but are there other exams that might be good to search? Tyson Fury narrates anatomy and physiology:

Offhand, there seems to be one audiobook on youtube from a 1918 anatomy textbook from searching "british biology textbook audiobook" but it doesn't seem too useful in the short term.

Honestly, this is mainly for recreation / listening enjoyment.

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