Can a foreign trained plastic surgeon practice in the UK?


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I'm currently doing a graduate degree in burn and plastic surgery at the West China Medical School in Sichuan. Would I still have to go through F1,F2 and general surgery to get into my field back in the UK? (I am a UK citizen, with a Chinese medical license)

I'll probably end up coming back to China, but I would like the experience of working/training in the UK while hopefully making at least enough to live on. What sort of options are there?


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do PLAB , you might get work as a LAS (locum reg for service) but unlikely ever to get on a training program . but given the right experience as a LAS you can apply for article 14 route for CCST to become a uk consultant


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You may want to contact the Royal College of Surgeons of England as they would know the answer to your question.