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Hi to all,
I am Bambis from Athens,Greece,will be 22 later this February,and I am a Psychology graduate.I have a 2.1 honors BSc from Uni.Hertfordshire and last year I did my master's in Social psychology at the University of Lancaster,still expecting my final grades.
Naturally,I was focusing on pursuing a Phd in Psychology yet,I want to be a doctor of medicine.This is something I have been thinking thinking when I was still at school but I changed my plans,got into psychology but my interested in the academic part of psychology quickly disappeared.This is partly due to the absurdities that occur there(not where I was studying but in the greater discipline),partly due to the non-helpful knowledge psychology produces and partly due to my dyslexia/ADD/cross-dominance issues which do not allow me to sit through a non stimulating lecture!
So,here I am searching for a med school in the UK.
Dundee is my first choice.The PBL approach integrated with some classic teaching methods,is the best approach to my eyes.
However,I had no idea how soon I had to apply so I am going for 2012 entry now!
I have a couple of questions for you guys.
First,how easy is to get funding from Saas?I never got public funding before and my family has a gross income of around 40000 pounds.No property apart from the house we live in(which is in mortgage payments).My sister works so she does not count.Dundee does not offer any kind of funding so since fees are payed for in Scotland,I believe that I need around 10000 pounds per year,is that correct?That's the amount I needed in my masters for 12 months of studying at least.Is it possible to get that kind of funding or student loan?
Secondly,what are my chances for gaining entry?Dundee asks for a 2.1 science degree for graduate entry,which I have,work experience in a health related post,which I will soon acquire, and language requirements for non-uk natives which I meet and exceed.I can also request a couple of references from lectures and supervisors which I believe can increase my chances of getting in.I also have to sit UKcat I believe.
Finally,which other schools would you guys suggest?
I have contacted Cambridge and they told me that with a 2.1 in a science degree,I go into the 2nd year and proceed normally if I pass Tripos.However,the lecture based nature of Cambridge puts me off since I've been through lecturing and did not like it,not one bit!I do not care about prestige,something that Cambridge certainly has,but I do care on what the university has to offer me in terms of practical knowledge.Dundee has what I want and this is why it is my first choice.
Cheers Guys


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Also,are there any stats or maths in med school?Not maths related to another discipline,e.g. chemistry,but pure maths that is!


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You will not get funding from SAAS as you are not from Scotland. Fees are paid for Scottish students who have not previously been funded on a degree course so for graduates deciding to change career path, they do not get fees for their 2nd undergraduate degree (like myself). You will need to look into funding available in Greece!
You have to sit the UKCAT in the summer prior to your application through UCAS. Dundee place 20% score on your UKCAT but it does not set a cut-off as such, however, the higher the better obviously. Info is available on the Dundee website. Have a look at this website which is a little out-of-date but will give you a start for other options

Medschoolsonline - A Guide to Getting into Medical School in the UK

Check out course structure for the medicine degrees.


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Thank you both for the replies guys.
saas mailed me and said that since I did not receive funding for my bsc or msc,my fees will be covered.I cannot receive maintenance funding or get a student loan as an eu citizen must have been living in the UK for there years in order to get funding or a loan,depending on means.
Currently,apart from working while studying there seems to be no other way to support myself.
Anyway ,and to avoid opening a new thread,does anybody have an opinion about the royal college of surgeons In Ireland??apart from being get expensive,are they a good med school??the difference in fees caught my attention