Difficulty in Accessing Scottish Highers

Discussion in 'Scottish Highers' started by Vrtual_Witch, Oct 13, 2011.

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    I have just applied for graduate entry for Dentistry, following redundancy, this being something I have always wanted to do. I am a solicitor and so already have a good law degree. But I will be asked for passes at B in Chemistry and Human Biology at higher, and to be honest, I need to spend some time learning these subjects to prepare me for dental school (if I get in...).

    I cannot believe that I am hitting a brick wall in simply trying to arrange to sit these exams. I have contacted Stevenson, Telford, Aberdeen College and Carnegie College, and they have all told me I "will have to wait til next year" because they are either full, not running or I have missed the start date. Fine, I thought, I will simply do them independently and study for them on my own (I've just 6500 for the UKCat after 2 days preperation and no science since school). This is what I got back from the automaton at the SQA:

    "Thank you for your email. Please note in order to be presented for the qualifications below, youwould need to be registered with an SQA approved school or college. As it is entirely at their discretion with regards to presentingcandidates, please contact a local school or college if you wish to enquirefurther."

    Does anyone have any ideas what the hell I do now? I am just hitting a brick wall. I simply want the right to pay for and sit the exams! I had no idea that accessing education in Scotland was so difficult, and am really shocked.
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    I empathise with you and the many other people who are hitting this particular brick wall. Highers, [and A levels, IBs and PG professional exams] should be far more accessible, for candidates under instruction and as independent exam candidate.
    I suggest writing to your political representative, the more people that do the better.

    If any exams should be widely accessible it should be Highers and A levels. I'd imagine FE colleges would disagree as it would render their access to this and access to that courses redundant.

    Do the subjects you intend sitting have any continual assessment or project requirement? If so that may explain why you need to be registered through a school or college.

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