do Dundee ask for specific A-levels for graduates?


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They dont seem to specify on their website it just states a 2:1 degree, but nothing about A-Levels.

Secondly are they a grad friendly school? (im looking to apply to the 5 year medicine program not the 6 year as i am in the process of completing my last year in Biomedical Science)

btw my UKCAT average was 627 which isnt great so im looking at medical schools that dont weigh too much on the UKCAT.
^^ late reply, but Dundee are not concerned re a-levels for grads. Mine were poor and I'm applying. Also, my UKCAT was 635 and I was told that was 'average' for their intake last year.


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yea, I got 630 for ukcat... thats why i applied to dundee (well not the only reason, but shortlisted unis and chose dundee from them) My alevels are good though, I meet thier normal a level requirements, so technically I could apply as a school leaver... I'm hoping that having a degree too ups my chances of getting in!