Does resitting my alevel 10 years after still count as a resit


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So between the years of 2005-2008 I did my A-levels. Between 2005-2006 I did biology, chemistry, physics and use of maths AS. I got an E in Biology got a U in both physics and chemistry and a E in use of maths AS. I wasn't allowed to resit any of that so for the next 2 years 2006-2008 I did Applied science, Environmental Science and Science for public understanding AS. I got CD in Applied science and E in Environmental science and Science for public understanding.

This September I hope to start my A-levels again one after the other (3 years) because I work full time now. The a-levels I want to take are biology, chemistry and maths, so by the time i might apply in 2018 will it still count as a resit because by the time I apply my original qualifications will be between 10-12 years old. I'm asking because I know some universities require that when you apply that your qualifications should have been achieved not more than either 7 or 2 years before


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I had sat my a levels almost 20 years before applying, but it wasn't an issue anywhere that I had looked at, due to recent study.

The issue you may have is they usually take the first A-level result...