Dundee Admissions process


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Do dundee use a points system?

Can anyone elaborate on their 'unusual' interview system?

What and how many points are allocated, for what, etc?

How big are non-academic ahievements , as for Ed, you get max of 6 out of a TOTAL score of 37 for non-academic achievements


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Thanks for that. So it is out of 8 basically, lol.

Does receiving a gold CREST award count as non-academic do you think?

Also, you say 2 points for >2 weeks work XP (counted as full time), does this include volunteering do you think?

I know they haven't released official details of their scoring system and why would they? lol

But I just wanted to get an insight, the only Scottish uni that doesn't use points in Scotland is Glasgow as far as I am aware

Also, what is this roleplay thing I have been hearing about?

I know most or all universities give out more offers than they have places, does anyone know how many people Dundee interview and how many offers they give out?
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I think, as far as I could figure out, that those points (up to 10 if you count the adversity as having two possible points) translate roughly to a percentage figure. But they were so vague about it, I can't be sure.

I don't know what gold crest is, sorry.

Voluntary work experience counts. Mine was a week full-time shadowing consultant anaesthetists and then working for the Red Cross first aid team and the emergency response team. The longer term you've been doing something like that, the better. Basically, the two weeks full time thing is saying that they want you to have done around 80 hours of work experience before applying.

Don't even worry about the role play thing - it's just part of the interview and you can deal with that if you get an interview. It's really not that bad at all - they just want to see you interact with people.

They interviewed about 450-500 this year out of >1500 applicants. Supposedly around 300 of those will end up getting offers for the 146 places.

Does that mean we should mention how long we have been volunteering for on the PS?