Dundee Adversity Questionnaire

hey, i received this questionnaire today and will probably return it since more than one factor applies to me. however, i didn't get one of the choices. what exactly is meant by; "if a graduate, did you receive full tuition fee remission." I received loan from the SLC in order to pay my tuition fees. is this what this question is asking?

I have exactly the same question! (I dont think it's particularly well worded).

I am applying from Jersey and my government wont give me any support, so am gonna have to foot the bill myself.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this one?

I e-mailed them and this is the reply I got, "This question only applies to those who did not have to pay the loan back. If you are required to pay the loan back once you have a job then this question can be ignored."
I'm a little confused by this.

It would seem that ticking any of the other options indicates your 'disadvantage', but surely ticking this option means that you are at an advantage? ie you 'dont have to pay the loan back'. How does this put you at a disadvantage?

As mentioned before, I'm from Jersey which means funding wise I get sweet FA from anybody (Jersey or UK Govn't) and have to self-fund. Doesn't this put me at a 'disadvantage' (financially)?

Good luck everyone.
I e-mailed and this is the reply I got:

"The awarding body/loan company give full remission to those persons who are deemed unable to pay the loan back due to various circumstances. The awarding body make investigations independently and assess each individual - holding their own records. Ticking this box would alert us to any circumstances (extremely adverse) the awarding body are privy to and we would contact them for details. I am afraid you are misinterpreting what would be advantageous to you as an individual (i.e. not having to pay a loan back) and the circumstances surrounding someone who had applied for a loan and been given a full remission - the loan company or awarding body would have held strenuous investigations to assess their eligibility."

Oh that "misinterpreting what would be advantageous to you as an individual" part just made me feel really bad. But I guess they are not aware that to get an exemption from SLC is very hard and you need to be unemployed for the rest of your life to qualify.