Dundee Medical School - PBL?


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I always thought dundee offered an integrated course however on there website it states:

'Use of core clinical problems allows a problem-orientated approach to learning in parallel with lectures, tutorials and a systematic training in clinical skills.

What does this mean? Is the bulk of the course PBL with just a few lectures? Does dundee not offer an integrated course?

Thank you, im sending off my application tomorrow!


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From Dundee's website

The course includes problem-oriented studies involving common problems / tasks - not to be confused with Problem Based Learning (PBL), although this approach is included within the overall "mixed" approach to suit all learning types.


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Hey there!

We have ~100 "Core Clinical problems" - chest pain, abdominal pain, rash etc etc. Our teaching is very much lecture/tutorial/ward based, but when you write up cases and whatnot in the senior years (4 and 5) we structure the discussion around the relevant core clinical problems to the patient - the differential diagnosis involved in chest pain, how this was investigated etc etc.

We have pretty much no "PBL" - everything is lectured to us at some point. We do of course have tutorials we need to prepare for in advance but this is usually stuff which has been covered in lectures.