Elective in Singapore?


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Hello! Is anybody thinking of going/or been to Singapore for their elective? I'm planning on going there next summer would be nice to meet others who are also going :)



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Hi, I'm going to Singapore as well! When do you start/where are you going?

I'm arriving 8th of April and doing a 5 week placement.

Just wondering what you were planning for accommodation...I'm trying to find somewhere to stay at the moment!


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Hi, I'm also going to Singapore. Are you guys doing the elective through NUS?

I'll be there mid-July to mid-August. How about you guys? I'm also trying to figure out where to stay for such a short period. Please let me know if you guys had any luck finding a place. Thanks! :)


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Hey guys :) I'm planning to do my electives in spore too! Mine will be in February next year. Where you guys doing yours? How did you guys go about with the applications, how was the flow?


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I'll be in Singapore From January 3rd - February 15th 2013 and wondering what to do for accommodation. What do you guys think?


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Hi I am currently thinking about applying to doing my elective in singpaore during march-may in 2016.
Would you mind sharing your experiences and how it went? Any tips?