Kim leanne

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what are you all doing for an elective? I was thinking of going abroad and taking my kids and hubby with me but it will be too expensive.


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It's a long way away for me yet but I imagine it'll either be somewhere very 3rd world and I'll take the kids and husband for at least some of it and make it a whole adventure. Or we'll stay with friends/family in Vancouver or Sydney, or I'll be down the road! I imagine it'll be based on how well I think the kids will cope with a very foreign land, if my husband can get the time off work and what sort of work opportunities there are for me.

If you do take your kids abroad somewhere, it'd be great to hear about your experiences. How old are they?



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At the moment i imagine that I would chose an elective close to home, as I couldn't go without seeing my son for months. However, by then things may have changed, as he would be older and more independent.

Frank's mum

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We all went to Melbourne. I chose that destination as we had friends living there that we hadn't seen for years (hadn't met each other's children) and also didn't want to do the third world thing. Luckily my husband is self employed so he just organised work around it, taking my son out of school was more hassle, we went for 12 weeks and only 7 of them were official school holidays. The school sent a stiff letter saying 'think carefully before doing this for the sake of his education' but of course we ignored them (he was 8, don;t think it will affect his uni application).
I had a great time, they had a brilliant father and son holiday and bonding time.
Would do it all again in a minute if we had the money.


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I would love to go abroad somewhere, but being a single mum I think I would have major childcare issues :(