Evening / Weekend A Level Classes in London?


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Hi all

I am a 29yo full time professional working in London and want to take the Chemistry A Level. My first instinct is to self-study, but I was schooled abroad so never took any A Levels. As such, I think it may help to attend some sort of structured class.

The issue is I work until 7-10pm or so during the week, so can't make most evening classes. This can be flexible, but I certainly can't make 2x630pm classes per week (Campbell Harris). Does anyone know of anywhere that offers later classes, once a week classes or weekend classes? Or should I just self-study?

Thank you!


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I had a similar issue, so in the end just self studied.
But you need to check which syllabuses don't require assessed lab work.

Good luck


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I have just finished doing A Levels in Chemistry and Biology via Distance Learning.
Biology was simple - I studied through the NEC and my tutor marked my coursework.
Chemistry was more problematic. I studied under AQA and their textbook was directly tied to the syllabus so the written papers were fine. The Lab Work was tricky to sort out, and is very expensive. I initially sat my practicals with EnglishMathsScience Tutorials as they were one of the cheapest options - approx £500 for a prep class and assessments for AS and A2. I was advised that one prep session was all that was required. On results day I got AAAB in my written exams and a D and an E in my practicals, which pulled my grade down to a B. I was told by the tutors at EnglishMathsScience that my results were amongst the highest achieved by their students, which indicates to me that the problem lay with the poor preparation. I re-sat the practicals with Campbell Harris, who were more expensive, £900 for assessment and prep. The prep however was 5 days of tuition, which included 4 practicals per day and was very comprehensive. Results came in today and I got an A and a B.
Chemistry can be cheaper if you can attend night school, but doing it by Distance Learning is possible. From my experience you get what you pay for when it comes to the lab work. I assume that you need an A for Med School, so I would strongly advise you to stay clear of EnglishMathsScience and I would definitely recommend Campbell Harris.

I hope this helps and best of luck with it all!


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PS I looked for weekend classes in London and found nothing. I think Hammersmith College does night classes but I think they start at about 6:30 as well.