Got my results today!


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Hi guys,

Heres what I got:

VR: 600
QR: 760
AR: 860
DA: 770

Average: 747.5

I was so nervous at the start which I think caused my lower score in VR.

I was extremely please, until I found out that Sheffields cut off last year was 717.5, should I be alright with my score for Sheffield, or does it look like they will raise it even higher, because this years results on the forum seem really good.



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Hi, thats a very good score and I think will be good enough to meet any medical schools UKCAT cut off.

How was the test compared to the 600 questions book? What kind of stuff came up in the AR section - was it really simple or complicated relationships?


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Compared to the 600 book, the AR was really simple! and QR was too, much easier, VR I was really way too nervous, so I think that affected my score, but it didn't seem that bad when I was doing it, DA was pretty much similar, more longer sequences though.


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Congrats. :)
You will be good for Sheffield, rumours say cutoff will be at 735 this year. Not a drastic jump as last year because the higher the cutoff goes, the fewer applicants there are(majority score 650-725) just make sure ur PS is good so if you are below cutoff, ur PS can boost your pre-interview score.
Well done. :)