Graduate entry medicine program for 2010 scrapped


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just off the phone with staff from NUIG and was informed that the GEP for medicine that was envisaged to start in 2010 is now abandoned for the foreseable future:mad::mad::mad:


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Yes - I heard that too - was undecided between going for Limerick this year or holding out for Galway next year (closer to home), but was in touch with Dean of Med in NUI,G and he said the funding has been 'paused' by the HEA so that's why there is no increase in places this year and no places in Galway next year....and for the forseeable future unless there is a dramatic improvement in the Irish economy :(


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Yep, Mentalnote, phoned them in October and told GEP med on hold for the future due to funding so that's really sad :(


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Welcome to the wonderful world of Irish Planning. We're broke and can't afford to fund a health service burdened by so many people who are not really all that sick but consume resources at PacMan-like rates.

We could make that number smaller and save a massive amount of money by training and employing skilled professionals to deal with their various psychosocial and medical problems, costing pittance by comparison.

So what do we do? We get rid of training places and discourage professionals from working here.
Couldntgetaname.. I remember being very disillusioned with the Irish medical schools in particular Galway given their lack of real interest in graduate applicants (lets be honest here..across the board in Irish unis it's miserable number.. a gesture if even)... however, I have no doubt we will get there one day. I hope health professionals don't really feel discouraged to work for the HSE as I know from working on the ground as a therapist it's not that bad really. My view is that both the HSE and the NHS are pretty good services.. everything is open to improvement but we could be a lot worse off. I like to stay positive about such things as I feel there will always be more than enough people to ridicule our systems both in Ireland the UK. Best of luck to you in your profession and wherever you decide to work :)