Graduate Pre Med application for 2011


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I'm 28 years old and will be applying to Dundee for the A104 Pre Med course. I gradated from Napier University 3 years ago with a 2:1 in Information Systems so as you can see I am not from a science background.

I have always been working and now have a new baby boy in my life so this is a pretty big decision for both me and my family. I currently reside in New York so I would be looking to move back to Scotland at some point next year pending the outcome of my application/interviews etc.

My biggest concern is my lack of work experience in the health care industry and how little I may have to put in my personal statement. I'm going to try and get some volunteering work over here in a hospital for some experience and I am currently reading some books about the life of medical interns. If it is not possible to get work experience between now and October is there anything else I could focus on?

Honestly I'm just looking for some general advice on the things I should put in my personal statement and work on over the next few months. Also would attending an open day hold any weight on the application. I can book one for September and fly back home to attend if this shows the university how focused I am on becoming a doctor.

With the US health care system being very different from the UK one it may seem very interesting on my personal statement if I can get some time in a US hospital and can talk a little about the differences.....

Finally any other grads applying to Dundee Pre Med for 2011 here?

Thanks for any advice and good luck to everyone who is making an application this year.

- Dave