How can I become a Plastic Surgeon?


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I am in year 11 and I have choosen to become a plastic surgeon. At first I thought it would be quite hard but know I realised that it is almost imposible.

I am still going to attempt it.

So what do I need to do (I saw the other thread but I need someone to explain in detail; as far as I know F1 and F2 are two buttons on my keyboard).

My grades are high and I am sure I can get an A in ALevel Chemistry and Biology.

Thanks in advance.


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You need to:
do as well as you can in your GCSEs.
get work experience in hospital and/or GP surgery
try and obtain a voluntary placement
get involved in extra curricular activities (sport/music/etc)
do as well as you can at AS level
apply to Medical School

But by the time you apply you'll know exactly what you need to do...

Training - Doctors - Explore by career - NHS Careers - probably wise to start there.


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Reply to Kinkerz

:( I just finished my work experience yesterday in a lawyer’s office

But I will probably volunteer in a hospital this or next summer.

My GCSEs are most likely going to be A*/A with probably 2 Bs.

You are actually right that by the time I get to Med school I will know everything and that it probably won't help me at all now but at the moment I feel like am trying to shoot stars with my eyes closed.


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Actrol, I would get a lot more work experience in year 12! Just like Kinkerz said. Not just one placement (and a lawyer's office wouldn't have much relevance in your personal statement when you get to that stage!). Read some example medical school personal statements on the internet to see the kinds of things people get up to when applying! You're still in early days, concentrate on your GCSEs :)


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