How do they differentiate?


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I've been hearing so much about how informal interviews at Dundee are, and how you only have to be yourself etc etc. This is REALLY encouraging, but I just wondered... How do the admissions people differentiate between the people they meet? Are there just some that don't come accross as enthusiastic and open as others?

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Its done alphabetically, Ailsa. Candidates with first names starting with a Z get first preference and have the best chance, then Y, X and so on. ;)


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Yep. It's a much more efficient system than the other Scottish med schools. They're still on the 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe' system.


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I was wondering how they differentiate between applicants in the flirt place, i.e before giving interviews. People say that different unis look for different things but what different things do uni's want and what are the criteria on which they offer interviews