Interview Tour?


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Just wondered, because I missed the open day...

Are we given a tour of the medical school on the day of interview?

I've read a lot about the medical school but have never actually seen it.

Also, am I right in thinking that in the first year of medicine, you are in the main campus of the university and not in Ninewells?



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Well they give you a very brief tour of the medical school part of the hospital and although short it is pretty good.

And yeah the first semester is spent at the university campus and then you begin to learn at Ninewells.
Well that is what a friend of mine at 1st year medicine told me. I dont think its the whole of first year, just a part of it.


Good luck with your interview!


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In our tour at the interviews they told us you were mostly based on campus for semester 1 in 1st year and then at Ninewells after that.
Pretty much was ross_co said!


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Yeah, that's what the prospectus said.
The tour was VERY short but not bad.
Is it bad that I wanted them to take us to the wards?


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There were no parents on the tour I was on, but I think that was just because none had wanted to come! From what the students showing us around said there were parents or whatever on other tours so doesn't sound like it would be a problem!
My interview is on the 7th, at 3:10PM! anyone else going for that slot?
Thats great, I'm actually from Hong Kong (international applicant), so its nice that my mom wont be flying over just for moral support :D


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Yeah, the tour literally lasts 20 minutes. Worth taking if you've already had one too!

As for semester one, you are indeed on campus for most of the time. Specifically, you're at the Medical Science Institute in the mornings, which is basically a two minute walk if you happen to stay in Belmont or Heathfield flats. You go up to Ninewells on the first day, and about twice a week in semester one for Clinical Skills and Integrated Teaching Area sessions. It's about £2.50 for the bus return tickets BTW. Also, for the DPaC course, it's usually at some random building that your tutors choose. Ours is like two miles away, thank god some people in my group can drive!

Semester two onwards, it's all at Ninewells, and DPaC is at the McKenzie Building next to the main hospital. You go back to MSI in Year 2 Sem 2 for anatomy of the limbs and back for your (I believe) musculoskeletal block.

Out of interest, are they doing the strange optional test thing this year after the interviews?
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