Leaving MTAS


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Hi guys,

So...I gambled with my MTAS application, ignoring competition ratio's and applying to where I wanted to be. And...ended up a long way from home..I then applied for the hospitals in that foundation school that were the closest to home and ended up the furthest away.

I've travelled around half my life and know the joys of meeting new people etc..but find myself wanting to stay close to friends and family at the moment..

I assumed haveing started MTAS there was no way of getting out, and was told once having applied was under contractual obligation to accept anywhere i could be sent.

However today while talking to an F2, he said his friend at uni refused her placement...waited till late then scoured BMJ for jobs..I asked surely that would be a one year post outside of the training system then? (having been told this is what would happen should you dare to gamble with this option) and it turns out not...she managed to get a job via application and interview at the hospital she'd always wanted to work at.

So it seems to me...if someone would be addamantly against their F1 placement there are 3 options
1. fail final year (prob not wise! but wud give u a chance to reapply?)
2. Ask to leave MTAS n take a year out to study and poss de-skill
3. Leave MTAS and gamble on the possibility of finding whatevers left for grabs with it possibly counting or possibly not counting for F1

Do any of our wise administrators know anything more about leaving MTAS and what the official party line is? And do any of you have any advice on whether it's worth the gamble of throwing away a guaranteed F1 post for the possibility of being at home...


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It is a huge risk. There are likely to be 'headroom' posts which will be advertised in the coming months. But these are going to be the jobs no one else wanted. The chance of you getting a job in your chosen geographical area is probably lower than through your original MTAS application. Even if posts are advertised, competition will be intense, from both jobless British and European candidates. Then, there is no guarantee that the job will be approved for training, meaning you will have to repeat it the year after. It is of course your decision, but my advice would be to take the F1 post you have been allocated. You can always continue to apply for any posts that are advertised in you local area and just work your notice.


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how long is the usual 'notice'? I agree that it is risky...but they wont all necessarily be posts no one wanted, 98% pass finals, which with this years job count means 140 jobs will be unfilled in the UK, on top of the 6 they took from each deanery..


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You won't find many people who will advise you to go with a high risk strategy - which it would be. I certainly don't. But it's you taking the risk.

You would need to get your med school to agree for FY1 posts - not sure they would if arranged by resigning. But they might.

I think my notice period as an FY1 was 1 month.


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You are also able to 'work your notice' before you even start. So if you accept the job now, then manage to get a preferred job in say April - then you could hand in your notice in April and start your new job as normal in August.


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i did it!

and it worked out pretty damn well for me.

risky as hell- but i was NOT going to work in Staffordshire.

so resigned my post there... set up a masters to fall back on and applied for f1 jobs as they came available.

applied, had good old fashioned interview and got a very prestigious post that MTAS would never have given me.

but yeah, I was walking a VERY thin line.


If you do follow in my footsteps be prepared to say why you didnt take the post you were given. I said 'family commitments' - they don't ask anything after that...


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Hi Guys,

I'm in exactly the same boat this year. Atm I am adamant I do not want my 11th choice.

What are the chances of getting any F1 stand alone post that will count for training? and what are the chances it will be somewhere I want? (choice 1-10 are preferable over my 11th!!!)

I am willing to risk having a year out, or doing F1 twice - but I am worried about de-skilling and struggling the next year.

Also is it possible to do a stand alone F1 for a year and then reapply to MTAS?

I'd be really grateful for any advice at all,