Mature Students


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Can any current students tell me roughly the age of the oldest student they know about in the medical school, whether they are in now or finished recently? I will be applying in a couple of years and although med schools say they don't discriminate based on age, it is pretty obvious some of them make it one of their main decision making factors.

Gizmo says -

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if i'm not wrong then oldest ages on entry are ...

Sheffield 40
Georgies 40
Nottingham 35
Newcastle 36
Durham 36 (need conformation of that?)
UCL 40
Georgies 51 (offer made, but candidates turned them doon).

am doon loading more info from me databases for a further search, macca.


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Thanks! Did you find that online? I know I will sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I have the feeling that the places that publish these figures are the ones that don't discriminate.