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Discussion in 'Calgary Medical School' started by Hawkeye91, May 30, 2010.

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    I'm currently a student in England doing my degree in medicine. I have a long-standing ambition to move to Alberta (preferably Calgary) with my long-term girlfriend.

    The situation is this: she has Canadian citizenship and is currently a medical student here in the UK, a year below me. I do not have Canadian citizenship. We have plans to get married and we would both love to be able to move to Canada asap so we can start a family there.

    Basically I was just wondering what it is going to take for us both to be able to move to Alberta and practice medicine. I don't know if it is easier for my girlfriend because she has citizenship. I have tried to look on emigration sites but it seems to send you in circles so I was wondering if anyone could help me out! Thanks.

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