Need Help...


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Hi guys!

Ok i got an email saying that i got an interview. I went onto the login thing where you book the date to see what dates were available. I selected one on the 12th January but i wanted to check flights before I confirmed it so i logged out and didnt hit submit.

I then logged in the next day and it wouldnt let me choose a date. It just went directly to the page where you select submit but didnt didnt say anywhere what date or time was selected. I then hit submit and they said they would send me an email of confirmation. I havent received an email to my personal email and it wont let me log in to the mydundee email. I dont know if i am entering in incorrect details or if there is a technical error but it wont accept the username and password that i enter.

So now I dont actually know when my interview is. Extremely stupid thing that would only happen to

Any advice on what i should do??