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Has anyone read the newsletter. I did find the description of new students being another bunch of 'paranoid' students slightly surprising. Not anymore.

There is a deep rut in the school... the other yeargroups have referred to Prof. Psycho and Prof. Shipman as being the cause

We know who psycho is a.h. but who is shipman?


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I thought Prof. Shipman is actually a.h. as she tried to run the curriculum to create version 2.0

Prof. Psycho is actually a violent doctor/reader (from the former notorious JPUH) whom is no longer at the school or the hospital, hence things are improving in the clinical years (its also getting harder, the graduates had it cushy)

I wish I could disagree about the paranoia but I've seen it in so many cohorts, its not as bad as the past but it is bad. There is a rut, I've seen so many staff leave due to the politics. It seems the school needs to make some surgical decisions sooner or later, or eventually the University will have no choice again but to force further decisions onto the school.