Strong problems after a torn outer ligament of the right upper ankle joint in 1997


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Hello to all,

In 1997 after a sport accident I had a torn outer ligament (Lig. talofibulare anterior und Lig. calcaneofibulare) of the upper right ankle which was sewn by a surgeon. Although since 1997 I did not twist my ankle, my lateral ligaments have apparently become continuously weaker. Since last year I am not able to push the gas pedal of my car anymore as my hindfoot (talus + calcaneus) slips out to the left (medial). Further, I am not able to walk barefoot anymore on hard ground, as I am feeling painful grinding while moving my feet downward (plantar flexion). Also the left (medial) part of the heel of my right foot becomes cramped after 1 hour walking with shoes.

Nevertheless, an x-ray picture of my stressed outer ligaments does not show any irregularity. Therefore: My ankle joint cannot be opened to an abnormal degree. There is also no arthrosis visible through MRT or x-ray pictures.

Most of the physicians I visited for the last 11 years were not able to identify this problem. Last months I heard from a specialist in my home country Germany that my problem could come from a defective position of the back feet. This wrong positioning could initially have been caused by a slight defective position of my hindfoot right after my accident in 1997. Within 11 years this defective position could have increased gradually to an extent which causes my current problem.

I have been told to wear continuously oblique shoe lifts (heightened on the lateral site) which after many years could possibly turn back the above mentioned development.

Dear forum,

If anybody of you had any good advise for me, please feel free the post it on this treat. I urgently need help and I am happy about any kind of information I can get.


Bert from Germany
sorry, Bert from Germany, but this site isn't about giving out medical advice, its about medical applicants and those at med school chatting about whatever they like.....