the young ones


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just wonderin if there will be any 17 year olds wen september comes along?? Or will I be the only bloody one getting rejected at fatties! lol btw for all u regulars im new here :). oh...and did anyone here that student nurses are gonna have to resit their exams coz some qs got leaked at the uni?? haha

Wanna B Doctor

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hey don't worry one of my mates is goin to dundee and they aint 18 till next year so don't stress too much! Also I went to fatties earlier this year with bout 7 mates and none of us got ID'd. but dunno if that is the norm tho!

hope that helps


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As far as worrying about getting id'd at fatties goes. DON'T! I've been going there since just before i turned 16, im not too sure how they get away with it but probably about half the people in there are underage.
There is plenty of time yet to drink, you modern day Doogie Howzers!!!

Don't go destroying your livers just yet, you are after all, still officially children!


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Yep, if I manage to get a place anywhere I too will be 17! I wouldn't worry, honest friends of mine have birthdays as late as March!


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same here. looks like 17year olds will be tearing up whatever uni we get into. my birthday is on new years eve aswell, so without realising it you have all been celebrating my birthday every year. :) haha