URGENT!! is it possible to become a doctor after this?!!


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hi, Im 16 and currently in 11th grade.
I want to know whether i'll be able to become a doctor after these subjects that i've studied and am studying right now. I wasnt sure and never really thought about what occupation i wanted to be in before, so i ended up choosing the following subjects in GCSE's and A Levels. IGCSE's and O Levels: business studies-A. Economics-A. Accounting-A*, English as a second language-A*, Maths-A, and two other local subjects like Maldivian language n stuff. (I know these are few subjects but in our country you can and students only do 8 or less subjects). Right now im doing A Levels in business studies, Economics, Accounts and English.
I have recently developed a lot of interest in becoming a doctor so i want to know whether it is even possible to even join a so called Pre-med or Access course after studying these completely irrelevant subjects? . and if I cant, what do i have to do to be a doctor? Do A levels in chem and bio without O levels/GCSE's from them? OR start from doing O levels/GCSE's in chem and bio?


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can i use a undergraduate foundation result from bio medical science to apply for medicine in any school in the UK