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I'm posting on behalf of the University of East Anglia (England) Medics netball team. We are coming to Dublin from 4th - 6th April, 2008, as a team for a social tour, but would like to play a netball match whilst we are there, just to make it have some netball element!

We have a mixed level team – some beginners, some more experienced, aged 18-25, all medics or other health profession students. We were wondering if your medical school had a netball team, or would be interested in playing us whilst we are in Dublin? If there is no medicine team, is there a more general university team?

Thank you for your time, Charlotte Holland

Dr Noodle

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Charlotte there aren't many people from Ireland on this forum. You'd be better off checking the TCD website, seeing if there's a society site and an email address directly to them.